Mona is not only a programme manager, but also a bookfluencer on Instagram.

Mona tells us about her love and passion for books.

Who are you and what do you do at KiWi?

I've been working for the publishing house Kiepenheuer & Witsch for 11 years and as programme manager I'm responsible for international literature. But I'm also very lucky to be able to work with some German authors.

What do you do on Instagram and why?

I've been recommending books on my Instagram channel for about two years. It all started at Christmas, when I thought: before I keep answering individual text messages from friends and acquaintances about which book they should give their aunt for Christmas, why don't I do it in a semi-public way for my friends on Instagram, so they can all benefit from it? That took on a life of its own and today a lot of people watch when I recommend books. It's not an extra job for me, but a kind of by-product of my life: I like to read a lot in my private life. And professionally, of course, I want to stay up to date. That's why I read a lot of books (not all of them from cover to cover, to be honest) and can recommend a lot - not only books by Kiwi, of course.

How do you choose the books you read and feature on your Instagram account?

When I read something I totally like, I post it and try to explain very briefly and as low key (and funny) as possible what kind of book it is and who might like it. No long synopsis, no long review. Chop-chop.

What values and mission of KiWi resonate most with you as a literary influencer?

Books are for everyone. I don't judge whether someone reads literature, a crime novel, romance or a guidebook. I read all of it myself and just basically look at what entertains me cleverly or where I can learn something that really interests me. I believe that reading should be de-academicised - there are no books you must have read or discourses you must know in order to be a reader. It has been proven that people who read a lot are more empathetic. That's a world-changing insight.

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Programme Manager at Kiepenheuer & Witsch

"It has been proven that people who read a lot are more empathetic. That's a world-changing insight."