What We Stand for

Our Values

I am confident that with commitment and partnership, we can lead our industry as an example of how diversity, equity, and inclusion can be woven into the everyday fabric of the work culture and the products we create. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working in a space that has the ability to change lives in the way that education can.
Susan Winslow | Macmillan Learning Show statement
Group discussion of our colleagues at Tech Day
Joanne about her work as SVP Strategy & Investment

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We Explore Uncharted Territories

We always strive for industry-leading products and solutions and shape the future of the media world with innovation, creativity and state-of-the-art technology.

Courage, curiosity and confidence are essential for shaping our future. These are the foundation of our actions which are aimed at entrepreneurship and innovation.

Stefan von Holtzbrinck | Holtzbrinck Publishing Group

At our annual Holtzbrinck Innovation Day, experts from our media group exchange knowledge about digital trends and current projects. With the knowledge we gain on this day and with the new networks, we continue to drive digital innovation.

Innovation Days 2023 Aftermovie

Professional Freedom

We Include Our Talent

We work autonomously on diverse and challenging tasks and bring our ideas, our knowledge and our talents to the table.

Volha about her work as Senior Data Engineer
Thumbnail of the AI Day 2021 video
Holtzbrinck AI Day 2021

Working with people from many different backgrounds - but toward the same goal - is a great experience. Sharing strategic thinking from different points of view is a great part of working for Holtzbrinck/Macmillan. Although we are based in different parts of the world, we all strive to publish great content and support our authors in everything we do.

Leslie Padgett | Macmillan