Diverse Voices

Get to know Erkan!

Our colleagues at Holtzbrinck are committed to respect and openness. Erkan tells us here how he experiences the lived culture and the team spirit.

What is your name and what do you do at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group?

My name is Erkan Turmus, I work in Group Controlling at Holtzbrinck and I am responsible for preparing the legal consolidated financial statements.

What does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mean to you and why is this topic important to you ?

For me, diversity, equity and inclusion means valuing diversity and creating equal opportunities. As a German with an immigrant background, I see diversity as a great opportunity to break down prejudices, promote tolerance and gain a deep understanding of living together.

What helped you to arrive at Holtzbrinck and feel comfortable?

Holtzbrinck's corporate culture is characterised by respect and openness towards all employees and colleagues. These characteristics lead to a strong collegial cohesion and helped me to quickly feel at home at Holtzbrinck.

What empowers you?

Respect, trust and above all appreciation are, in my view, crucial for promoting empowerment.

What does your company do to promote diversity?

First and foremost, Holtzbrinck gives diversity a voice. Several publications within the Holtzbrinck Group come to mind. I see giving these people a platform so that their voices are heard in society as the most important contribution to the topic of diversity.

This is also reflected in everyday working life, for example by drawing special attention to diversity with a Diversity Day.

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