Evolving in a positive environment.

What does Laura appreciate most at work? A team that makes for a good working atmosphere.

Who are you and what do you do at Holtzbrinck?

I'm Laura, I'm in my 4th semester of International Business at ESB Reutlingen and I'm currently in my 6-months internship in Human Resources - Talent Management at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group in Stuttgart.

What made you accept the offer of an internship at Holtzbrinck?

From the first phone call with my colleague Julia Furtwängler, it was clear to me that I would very much like to become part of the Holtzbrinck team. I quickly noticed that as an intern at Holtzbrinck, you are seen and appreciated as an important part of the team. This open and warm atmosphere was one of the main reasons why I decided to do an internship at Holtzbrinck.

How would you describe the working atmosphere where you work now?

As already mentioned, the atmosphere at work is a crucial aspect for me. I would describe the atmosphere as open and cordial, I really enjoy coming to the office, spending time with my colleagues and I also get on very well with the other interns in my department.

Which project do you like the most or have you liked the most so far?

In the course of the 3 months that I have been able to spend at the Holding, I have already been able to accompany several exciting projects. At the moment, I particularly like the co-organisation of an internal conference with international experts from our group, which we are planning for October this year. Here I get a lot of interesting insights and can follow the development of such a big event live.

What are your plans for the time after your internship?

Next semester, I will return to my university, but I will remain a part of the Holtzbrinck team as a working student.

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HR Intern at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group

"I quickly noticed that as an intern at Holtzbrinck, you are seen and appreciated as being fully part of the team."