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Kathrin about search engine optimization

What is your name and what is your profession?

My name is Kathrin Reis and I have been SEO Manager at the Droemer Knaur publishing group since February 2021. As part of the Digital Publishing team, I am responsible for ensuring that the publisher's content and authors appear as high up as possible on the content platform in search engines, especially Google. The aim of these optimizations is to increase visibility, so that more visitors come to the website. This ranges from the optimization of technical ranking factors, such as page loading speed, to website structure and keyword-based development, along with control of content according to the demand of our target group.

What makes working as a SEO-Manager at the publishing house special for you?

What makes working as an SEO manager so special to me is that because of flat hierarchies, every opinion counts and everyone can make a difference. The cooperation within the team, as well as across departments is innovation-driven and inspiring. You get the chance to develop personally and professionally every day. Moreover, the work of our authors can be marketed cross-medially, by being able to coordinate and improve our development process together.

What has been the biggest surprise in your job so far that you didn't expect?

In my opinion, what makes work so exciting is that you do not only work on basic analyses and website optimization. Additionally, I have been given a lot of responsibility and freedom to make decisions, which also motivates me to incorporate new technologies in the publishing sector. As well as the classic SEO projects, we work on the development of content, including planning and implementing an internal SEO training for the reconstruction of our homepage, the planning of new features and the redesign of the newsletter. Apart from that, the direct exchange with our authors and trying to suit our values towards the target group make the work meaningful for me. The work of SEO managers will become more and more important, as almost every company has its own website that needs to be found in search engines. Because SEO is cheaper compared to other online marketing channels and can be used for several search engines, the profession will always evolve.

Why would you recommend working as an SEO Manager to other people?

Anyone who loves the combination of creating content for search engine users and technical SEO developments, while getting instant feedback of your actions, is in particularly good hands in this position.

What do you do after a day at work to take some digital time out?

After work, I like to walk my dog, try out new recipes, practice yoga or meditation, or work on my campervan. Although I can’t do it all remotely, I’m very grateful for all the digital possibilities, such as podcasts or video tutorials, which inspire me for work and my private life almost every day.

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SEO-Manager at Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur

"The direct exchange with our authors, the orientation to the target group and the passing on of our values make the work meaningful for me."