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Juliane on her tasks as team leader in online marketing at FISCHER Kinder- und Jugendbuchverlag

What is your name and what is your profession?

My name is Juliane Walter and I am the Team Leader of the Online Marketing Team at FISCHER Kinder- und Jugendbuch Verlag. In addition to my duties as a Manager, my tasks are largely operational, which means that I am responsible for two separate target group areas, campaign planning and implementation.

What makes working as an online marketing team leader at the publishing house special for you?

I've been in the publishing industry for over 15 years now, specialising in the target group of children's and young adult books. What motivates me everyday is finding answers to the questions of how to find the right target group for our books and how to use the many new and creative possibilities of digitization to interact with our potential readers. The cross-departmental collaboration with sales, press, events and editorial staff also makes my job very versatile and varied - no day is like the other. We design many of our campaign advertising materials ourselves, i.e. graphics or moving image content in the media approach. That way we can react quickly to changes and work creatively, which is great fun. This year the topic of social media is at the top of our agenda. That will be an exciting project!

What were some exciting projects you worked on?

In our "New Media" program segment, where we implement book projects with influencers, we managed two major projects last year that were on a completely different level. In both projects, we used relatively simple mechanisms to activate the author's fan base even before the actual release date. We reached the number 1 spot for total books on Amazon through pre-orders. After all these years, it's always amazing how quickly we can activate a very large group of people online, when the fit between product and target group needs is particularly high.

Working in a publishing house and explicitly in online marketing is characterised by great versatility and constant change in everyday life. Anyone who loves this daily challenge and who is motivated by a variety of incentives, is in particularly good hands in this position.

What do you do after a day at work to take some digital time out?

When I long for some digital downtime, I'm very lucky to live outside of Frankfurt near the open countryside. I then look for places where there is not much going on, because I need a balance to the daily speed at work. So yoga, photography and a lot of hobbies like handicrafts or reading complete my personal profile.

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Teamleader Online-Marketing at S. Fischer

"Working in a publishing house and explicitly in online marketing is characterized by versatility and constant change every day."