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Eva on her Development at Holtzbrinck and her Most Important Project

Why did you decide to join Rowohlt?

In addition to a pleasant team in the finance department, the broad range of tasks in the Controlling department of a large publishing house, and the opportunities for growth and development within the Holtzbrinck Group, it was also the fabulous Rowohlt books, which convinced me to get on board at the time. For me, in my job, it is a great privilege to deal with a product that is also close to my heart on a daily basis.

What was your development within the group like?

I started at Rowohlt as a senior controller. Since then, I completed the Media Manager Program at Holtzbrinck, and managed a cross-publishing house project team. I have been managing the Controlling department at Rowohlt for two years.

What was the most important project for you and your team?

To date, the most important project was the cross-publishing house introduction of a title calculation: It was a fantastic experience to design a solution and to accompany the development and implementation thereof, together with the colleagues from all Holtzbrinck trade publishers. From a technical perspective, the topic was extremely interesting, as the cost calculation is an important tool for the commercial risk assessment when purchasing titles.

What do you especially value about your work at Rowohlt?

I appreciate the love of books and the passion for every single novelty that prevails in the Rowohlt universe.

What would you recommend to students or graduates who want to join our group?

I recommend making contact with the publishing houses early on, for example with talks at career fairs or trade shows or internships and theses.

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Portrait photo of our colleague Eva


Managing Director Controlling at Rowohlt

"For me, in my job, it is a great privilege to deal with a product that is also close to my heart on a daily basis."