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Eric Starts His Professional Career at HGV as Information Technology Specialist - System Integration

What apprenticeship are you undergoing?

I am currently completing my training as an information technology specialist in system integration, in my third year.

Why did you decide on training at HGV?

I decided on HGV, because from the very start I felt that I belonged there and was in good hands, which turned out to be the case once I started my training.

What departments does your training include?

The first two years I mostly worked in the Service Desk Team, but currently I am assigned to the IT Team Back End. During my training, I have also had the opportunity to get to know the Front End, Back End, Accounting, Customer Service, Order Processing and Sales departments as well as the back office.

What are your tasks during your training?

My tasks include IT support in the Service Desk, network configurations, server management and software distribution / software packaging in the back end. Every now and then I also receive smaller or larger projects which I carry out either on my own or together with a colleague from the Service Desk. For example, Win7ESU conversions or the operation of the Corona FAQ emergency page, which I mainly operate myself.

What have you learned so far?

In addition to technical expertise that I have gained over the years, I also learned a lot about human interaction. I have learned the basics of network technology, support in a Windows environment, account management in Windows and Google environment and customer support and I am able to solve common IT problems (e.g. a computer that won't boot up, broken keyboards) on my own. At the beginning of my training, dealing with customers / colleagues was a little hard for me, but I was able to improve significantly thanks to HGV.

What do you value especially about your training company?

I appreciate the fact that at HGV, the environment and dealing with colleagues is always respectful and friendly. I also value that the entire IT team is very helpful - even though everyone is flooded with work.

What are your professional goals?

My professional goal is to continue working at HGV after my training and to obtain a senior position or even become self-employed. My first goal, however, is to prove myself as a fully-fledged member of the IT team, to continue my education after my training and to expand my expertise.

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Information Technology Specialist - System Integration at HGV

"I decided on HGV, because from the very start I felt that I belonged there and was in good hands..."