Valuable Experience Through Being Open-Minded

Christopher Reports How He Found His Professional Passion During His Internship

What studies did you complete and why did you decide on an internship at the Zeitverlag?

I decided on business studies, although originally I wanted to join the police force. The reason being the many opportunities business studies has to offer. When choosing an internship placement it was important for me to work in a company that I was really interested in - both content-related and from a human point of view. I believe that media companies like DIE ZEIT play an enormous role, especially in today's times, in distributing and allocating reliable, audited information. I wanted to be a part of this and understand how these companies work.  

How would you describe your time as an intern?

I was part of the team from the start. I took over fixed tasks and gained full insight into the daily work of my colleagues. The team was amazing. And this once again confirmed my opinion that good work can only be performed when the team functions and works together. I had the opportunity of joining external appointments and gaining experience in dealing with customers. This also included a visit to a trade show. Also, at the time of my internship, the department was in the process of being reorganized, which again provided me with new experiences. I also developed friendships with other interns from the different teams, and we are still in touch to this day.

What experiences did you gain from your internship?

As I mentioned, interacting with people is very important to me. Especially, when the department was being reorganized I noticed how important good teamwork is. It's much more fun when people get on and help and support each other. It makes things quicker and better. I also noticed how important it is to try things out and to also look at the big picture. It's super exciting to look at other departments and see how they work on a daily basis. That is extremely helpful, especially if you are interested in and get excited about different topics, like I do. Receiving support from the team is a great experience.

What happened after your internship and how did you get your current job?

After my internship, I got a working student position in the Art department, which I found by coincidence. I was never particularly interested in art, but I was excited to try out something completely new. I learned a lot of new things, and in hindsight I am very happy that it worked out. I had a boss from whom I could learn a lot. In addition to studies and a bachelor thesis, it was a perfect addition, which helped me to figure out where exactly I wanted to go. I ended up in my current job by coincidence, too. A vacancy opened up in my current team and they needed a helping hand. My current boss approached me and asked me whether I could imagine joining and supporting the team. Of course, I said yes. Today I can say it was the right decision for me.

What tasks or projects do you particularly look forward to?

I particularly enjoy working with the different in-house departments. This includes the editorial office, sales and also the ZEIT shop. I also deal with the "Convent" subsidiary. They specialize in the planning and preparation of events. Of course, in the current situation, this is different than under normal circumstances, but now new concepts for digital events are being implemented. The mixture of all the different task fields in combination with the colleagues is exactly what makes a great working environment for me.

What do you especially value about working at ZEIT Verlagsgruppe?

Definitely the openness and human interaction. Great emphasis is placed on a respectful and friendly environment and I like that a lot. You spend a lot of time together and therefore it is essential that you feel good, are happy to come to work and like to be around the people you work with. Also, you have a lot of opportunities to get involved in the company, to move up and discover where you would like to go in your career.

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Portrait photo of our colleague Christopher


Junior Project Manager at ZEIT Verlagsgruppe

"I also noticed how important it is to try things out and to also look at the big picture."