Responsibility from day one

Carolin About Joining the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group

What studies did you complete and why did you decide to join Holtzbrinck?

Before joining Holtzbrinck, I studied psychology majoring in industrial psychology, as well as operational health management. During my master's thesis, I was looking around for jobs and was happy when I discovered a vacancy at Holtzbrinck in my preferred field, Training & Development. During the application process, both the topics and tasks, as well as the feeling of togetherness convinced me, and until now, I have never regretted my decision to join Holtzbrinck.

What are the special challenges you and your team are currently facing?

During the last months, Covid has turned everything upside down in learning & development. On-site training is currently not possible, which means we had to convert all offers to virtual formats. At the same time, the willingness to participate and interest in e-learning has increased significantly and of course we are trying to meet this demand and expand relevant offerings.

What do you especially value about your work at Holtzbrinck?

Although I "only" started as a junior at Holtzbrinck, I had a lot of responsibility and freedom from day one. My manager always has an open ear for new ideas and concepts and supports these to her full ability. I was able to contribute a lot in the first months already, and add my personal touch to lots of topics. As we are all "doers" in the HR department, no day goes by without visible results and we are always working on new projects.

What would you recommend to students or graduates who want to join our group?

The diversity of the Holtzbrinck Group companies is reflected in the choice of job ads, and there is a suitable position for (almost) everyone. Stay as authentic as possible in your application. We place a lot of value on personality and good cooperation, which means that phrases from guides, learned by heart, won't get you very far.

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Consultant HR at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group

"... no day goes by without visible results and we are always working on new projects."