Step Ahead Digital Marketing

Unleashing the Potential of Digital Marketing at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group

At Holtzbrinck, digital marketing initiatives are an invaluable pillar of fulfilling our mission: to deliver tailored content to our diverse spectrum of potential and existing readers, learners, researchers, and customers. Achieving this mission requires a comprehensive understanding of our audience, as well as the myriad technologies available to us.

Ready to dive in and to learn more about our collective endeavors? Tulika, Senior Multimedia Editor at Scientific American, shares more on our collective journey and working in focus groups here:

To optimize our online marketing endeavors, we tap into the synergies of technology, data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), strategic planning, and the creativity and expertise of our skilled teams. Our teams’ strengths are enhanced through interactive learning and the exchange of ideas across the diverse businesses within our group.

Our experts are actively innovating in ongoing initiatives such as community-driven sales growth, data-led performance marketing, enhancing product visibility, and mastering the art of funnel management. We've got special focus groups working on these topics across our group. Keep an eye out for more insights in our future articles and videos.

As an international group, we place great value on collaboration and knowledge exchange. Experts from across the globe unite in meetings and topic-specific forums, fostering a culture of shared learning and resources. This open exchange not only enriches our collective expertise, but also allows us to stay ahead in the rapidly transforming digital marketing landscape.

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