HOLTZBRINCK Innovation Days 2023

Holtzbrinck Innovation Days 2023 were a success.
Held in Berlin, our goal for the two days was to foster connections, share ideas, and learn among more than 100 internal experts from our various global companies, as well as some external guests we brought in.
Given the importance of AI in our work, this conference ensured that everyone got on the same page, together.

For #InnoDays2023, we centered on two key areas: AI and Digital Marketing. The AI track featured presentations from internal experts on their plans and progress, as well as panel discussions on AI Safety & Ethics and AI Literacy. Meanwhile, Unconference sessions were organized to encourage knowledge sharing.
The Digital Marketing track featured four breakout sessions focused on topics such as funnel management and data-driven marketing. The first day was dedicated to in-depth exploration of these topics, while the following day was characterized by the presentation of the most relevant discoveries.

We bring with us a renewed sense of purpose to drive progress in research, education, and promoting the culture of reading, fueled by a vision of collaboration and innovation.
We thank our speakers, moderators, and attendees from our group and external partners for contributing to the success of Innovation Days 2023!

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