Holtzbrinck Diversity Day 2022

Diversity, equity and inclusion are important values at Holtzbrinck. We believe that diversity should not only be recognized and addressed, but also become part of our DNA.

This is why we celebrate Diversity Day every year on 31 May as part of the Germany-wide Diversity Charter. This year was our fourth Diversity Day at Holtzbrinck - and it was an unforgettable event for everyone who took part, whether in person or online.

The day started with speeches by Holtzbrinck's management addressing the importance of diversity at Holtzbrinck as well as the current initiatives for a more diverse and inclusive company.

Following the speeches by the management, Ms Sarcan, a diversity expert, introduced herself at the holding company in Stuttgart. She will help direct the diversity initiatives here in the coming months.

Photo of a presentation on Diversity & Inclusion
Audience at the kick-off event of Holtzbrinck Diversity Day 2022

Afterwards, Tijen Onaran, founder and entrepreneur, discussed diversity in the working environment with Lisa Hegemann from Zeit Online. The conversation revolved around improvements that are still needed in this area and about her personal experiences of why diversity is so important.

In the afternoon, our colleagues Johanna Behre and Stephanie Trinkl presented the first Holtzbrinck-wide LGBTQIA+ network - "Queer @ Holtzbrinck":

"Queer@Holtzbrinck is a developing story. We see ourselves as inclusive, informative and interactive. Our goals include:

  • Close links with the existing Diversity Steering Committee and Diversity & Inclusion Network.
  • Networking and empowerment of queer colleagues in the affiliated companies of the Holtzbrinck Group
  • Informal monthly meetings to get to know each other
  • Strengthening the visibility and awareness of queer realities".
LGBT Community Network Banner: Queer @ Holtzbrinck

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