Diverse Voices

Get to know Tobias!

We would like to highlight the diverse voices that make up the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. Tobias is one of them. We asked him about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the company.

Who are you and what are you doing at Holtzbrinck?

My name is Tobias Streitferdt and I work as Director for Metadata & Systems at Holtzbrinck Buchverlage. I mainly advise German book publishers on how to optimise their product information and how to achieve more visibility in the trade. I also work with my colleagues to create website and newsletter solutions together with the publishers.

What do Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mean and why are they important topics?

In my professional environment - online marketing - I have already experienced that diverse teams can work more effectively together. This refers both to the professional, but also to the origin and gender perspective.

As different as we are, the framework conditions for us should be as equal as possible in terms of payment, rights and duties. For me, inclusion means trying to offer all employees an environment in which they can work effectively and motivated. Everyone should feel like a full part of the team and not have to take on a special role.

What helped you feel comfortable at Holtzbrinck?

From the beginning, I was impressed by the consideration shown to me as a wheelchair user. I travel a lot because of my job and was always welcomed with a lot of respect and courtesy in the individual companies. Even before the Corona pandemic, I was able to work remotely if necessary, which is a great help for me.

Who or what empowers you?

I am definitely empowered by my team. I really look forward to our daily meeting every morning, which is always fun in addition to the professional exchange. We work mobile all over Germany. When we meet as a group once or twice a year, these events always inspire me enormously. But also the exchange with so many people from different nations and with diverse competences in the Holtzbrinck Group is always an enrichment and a privilege for me.

What is Holtzbrinck doing to put Diversity, Equity and Inclusion forward?

The Holtzbrinck Group has a Steering Committee that deals with the perception and promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion in the company. As our team is very diverse, we are perhaps more concerned than others with integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into our daily routines. This starts with gendering and doesn't stop with accessible team events.

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