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Get to know Neelin!

As Springer Nature is a multinational company, intercultural inclusion is essential to its smooth operation. Neelin can attest to this.

What is your name and what do you do at Springer Nature?

My name is Neelin Jagtap and I head the Marketing & Business Shared Services business unit with about 200 FTEs at Springer Nature - Pune.

What does DEI mean in the work environment and why is it so important?

Springer Nature being a truly a global company, it is of paramount importance that we foster a work environment where people feel included. The psychological safety of every team member is very important for businesses to succeed in today’s world – DEI, if embraced, ensures the same!

How do you experience cooperation and interaction with each other?

In my role, I collaborate with more than 10 departments across Springer Nature – without cooperation and interaction it is not possible to be successful; to date I have never encountered a situation where a colleague has not cooperated as we are all chasing one goal.

How do you experience the DEI culture at Springer Nature?

Springer Nature is present in more than 50 countries – this ensures that we always have people from multiple cultures collaborating; it is very visible that senior management is making a lot of effort to ensure everyone feels included.

There are various initiatives in play in the company to ensure we are a diverse team and everyone feels included, to name a few – setting a target for women in leadership to ensure a healthy gender balance, ensuring all our offices are accessible.

Why is it so important that your company addresses the issue of inclusion in the workplace?

Focusing on DEI helps to mitigate the negative impacts of bias and discrimination. By actively working to create a more inclusive workplace, we can reduce the impact of unconscious bias and discrimination when it comes to hiring, promotion and other processes. This creates a fairer and more just workplace where everyone has access to opportunities and resources.

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