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Get to know Christina!

In Christina's view, there has to be space for everyone.

What is your name and what do you do in your company?

My name is Christina Lopez, and I am an assistant editor at St. Martin’s Press. I assist Jennifer Enderlin, our President and Publisher, as well as Anne Marie Tallberg, our Senior Vice President and Publishing Director of St. Martin's Paperbacks and Griffin. My job involves a variety of editorial, administrative, and publisher-related tasks. I am also working to build my own list of both fiction and non-fiction books focusing on diverse perspectives and telling stories that resonate.

Why is DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) an important topic of discussion?

When DEI is a priority in a company, it is demonstrated in the level of passion and investment given to the final product. Macmillan consistently publishes impactful books by so many talented, diverse authors, so it is important to prioritize the DEI conversations internally as well as relating to authors in order to continue to do so effectively and successfully. The more representation we have internally, the better our work can reflect the landscape of all readers.

How do you experience the diversity, equity and inclusion culture in your company?

The DEI culture in my company is strong and effective. I feel there are several opportunities for me to not only find community but contribute to the success of the company through those communities. For example, I am the chair of the Education Outreach committee, whose mission is to make the publishing industry more accessible to students in universities with high levels of diversity who may not have had access otherwise. We participate in career fairs and informative panels at these schools to share about a career in publishing and how to get started. I am also involved in the Latinx Voices ERG which is such a tight-knit and supportive community. We host events, highlight our Latinx authors, and contribute to the Latinx community in whatever way we can.

Do you think our diversity and inclusion policies can help you or your colleagues? Why?

Diversity and inclusion policies enhance the workplace by building a stronger sense of community and carving a space for each individual to thrive within the company. In turn, my colleagues and I feel respected and valued within our communities and on our teams. It allows us to feel like we earned our role, deserve to be at the table, and contribute value to the company.

How would you describe your company’s diversity and inclusion culture in three words?

Supportive, encouraging, involved.

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