Artificial Intelligence Day 2020

Completely different and yet inspiring!

At our first virtual AI Day on November 18, 2020, more than 70 colleagues from various Holtzbrinck companies and different time zones came together to meet virtually.

The spatial distance did'n harm the lively exchange and the good atmosphere. Our experts from the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science actively participated in the conference in presentations and discussion rounds and exchanged ideas on exciting topics. This year's agenda included topics like predicting the success and impact of publications, ethics & artificial intelligence, and NLP techniques for education, science, and publishing. During the active break and the final pub quiz, the participants proved that they are versed not only in topics about Artificial Intelligence.

It was great to once again see that so many innovative topics and the latest developments in the field of AI are being pressed forward in our company and we look forward to sharing new developments and progress together next year.

Holtzbrinck AI Day 2020

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