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We are committed to progress in science and education, and the culture of reading.

Every day, we reach millions of people with our books, newspapers and magazines, platforms and technology solutions. We open up diverse opportunities and provide access to high-quality information and the latest scientific findings.

Our employees work hard to offer products and programs of the highest quality to our authors, readers, scientists and educators. We constantly push boundaries and strive to be at the forefront of industry developments.

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Global Impact through Innovation & Creativity

As a media and technology group, we are dedicated to providing first-class service to authors, researchers, academics, educators, librarians and readers across the globe. Driven by our values and the commitment to innovation, our family-run organization strives to be at the forefront of industry developments while committing to the businesses in which we invest for the long term.







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Our AI Journey

At Holtzbrinck, we are working on future topics, in particular the innovative world of generative Al and its transformative capabilities. For us, this is not just a technological advance, but a bold step into the next generation of creativity, fostering discovery, sharing knowledge and advancing learning.

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Passion and talent come in many forms, regardless of your professional development or personal background. Whether you are a recent graduate, an experienced media and technology professional, or new to the industry, we have enriching job openings for you. Join our inclusive and innovative team, where your unique background and skills will be valued. Explore our career opportunities and grow with us.

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Innovation and creativity are key drivers of our business success. With our dynamic environment, there is always something new happening every day. Creative ideas and technology advancements like Artificial Intelligence are just as important as diversity and ESG initiatives. Explore what is going on in our media group, learn about our exciting initiatives and activities, and gain insight into the brilliant minds that make up our teams.

Mark your calendars! As we approach Diversity Day on the 28th, we at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group are gearing up to celebrate the different facets of diversity that enrich our community. Ahead of this day, our German book publishers are already captivating us with inspiring presentations and book recommendations. A special shoutout to our colleagues at @Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch GmbH & Co. KG for organizing a talk on neurodivergence in the workplace, and to the @Rowohlt Verlag GmbH team for the Reading for Diversity Month, enhancing our understanding and appreciation of diversity in all its forms. The German Diversity Day is initiated by the organization Charta der Vielfalt. Read more about Diversity Day: https://lnkd.in/eKcind7 #DiversityDay #DEI #BroadenYourHorizons

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Let's shift the narrative around mental health; it concerns us all. We've handpicked a selection of books on mental health topics as a reminder that this issue affects everyone. Feel free to browse through and find hope, support, and insight for anyone navigating the complexities of mental health. Dive in to discover you are far from alone.

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