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Digital Marketing at DIE ZEIT: Leveraging AI and Funnel Management for Growth

At Holtzbrinck, we recognize digital marketing as a crucial pillar of our strategy, leveraging technology, data, and AI alongside our team's insights to boost our efforts. Across diverse focus groups within our businesses and companies, we engage in a wide variety of projects, from growing sales through community efforts to leveraging data for performance marketing. Our goal is to increase our products' visibility and deliver the right content to the right audience.

In our latest video, Jannick, Director of Marketing at DIE ZEIT, delves into the critical role of funnel management for media companies. Our marketing teams prioritize understanding the needs of our audience and enhancing how we interact with customers. With a diverse range of products aimed at generating reach, DIE ZEIT focuses on converting visitors, listeners, and readers into loyal customers. This strategic approach combines a clear understanding of our customers' paths with carefully chosen tools, aiming to meet their needs at every step in a natural, welcoming manner.

Our marketing teams emphasize the transformative power of data and AI in this process and are committed to staying at the forefront of digital marketing. For example, DIE ZEIT delivers tailored content to the right audience at the optimal funnel step. This ever-evolving approach showcases their commitment to innovation, continuously striving to enhance various aspects of their strategy.

Networking within the Holtzbrinck group plays a pivotal role in our success. By connecting with other companies in the group, DIE ZEIT benefits from shared best practices and insights into different funnel structures and tech stacks. These interactions not only identify areas for development but also provide inspiration through collaboration with passionate colleagues.

Curious to learn more about how DIE ZEIT leverages funnel management and AI to boost customer engagement? Watch the video for an in-depth look at their innovative strategies and see how digital marketing is driving visibility and growth within the Holtzbrinck family:

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